Neal, Brooke

Favorite Things

If you would like to celebrate your child’s teacher with a gift, but you are not sure what they would like, we can help! Below is a list of a few of their favorite things!

Brooke Neal

Birthday: June 25
Drink: Diet Coke, Patriot Nutrition
Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Almond M&M’s
Snack: Chex Mix
Fruit: Pineapple
Color: Red
Flower: All
Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A
Restaurant: Grand Marlin
Place to Shop: Pink Pineapple, La-Di-Da
Hobbies: Reading, Sports
Bath & Body Scent: Apple, All Soap Scents
School Supply: Flair Pens, Erasable Pens
Gift Card: Target, Patriot Nutrition, La-Di-Da
Other Favorite Things: Jewelry
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