SSDI Grandfathered Into the Title 1 Program

Children Looking At A Computer

SSDI was grandfathered in for Title 1 funding for the current school year because we no longer qualify. Title 1 funding represents the largest source of school funding for our school. There is a push to have families complete the Title 1 application even if they do not think they will qualify.

Title 1 Facts:

  • Title 1 funding helps pay paraprofessional salaries.
  • At present, all students qualify for free breakfast and lunch due to the pandemic.
  • Title 1 funds go toward paying for professional development, subs, and after-hour stipends so teachers do not miss school.
  • Title 1 funding is used to purchase technology items. This year the school hopes to add another “Cart on Wheels” (mobile technology cart) to the school.
  • Title 1 funding also goes toward subscriptions for students including, Mystery Science, Brain Pop, and Freckle ELA.

Please complete the Title 1 Free and Reduced Lunch Application.

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