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Snack Time Program

The Snack Time Program helps teachers defer the cost of purchasing snacks for their classrooms.

One of the SSDI PTSO’s initiatives is our Snack Time Program, which provides snacks for students without. Snacks play an important role in managing a child’s hunger and boosting nutrition. A well-timed snack helps even out hunger spikes and provides a much-needed energy boost between meals.

Many of our teachers pay for snacks out of their own pockets in order to provide for students who are unable or forgot to bring snacks from home. Some teachers were paying around $200+ a year to provide snacks for their classrooms.

The Snack Time Pantry is open to all SSDI teachers where they are welcomed to drop in and grab what they need – often on a daily basis. The costs associated with running the pantry add up quickly and the grants are becoming difficult to obtain. The next time you are shopping, please consider donating pre-packaged snacks to either your student’s classroom or to the SSDI PTSO Snack Time Program.

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