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There are many opportunities to get involved with the SSDI PTSO at the membership level. We are a very hands-on yet laid-back support organization working with all facets of the school, from administration to individual departments, including P.E. and the library, to hosting and supporting fun and engaging student activities.

To become a PTSO Member, add the PTSO Membership product to your cart. Then, you can continue shopping or check out from there. Benefits of membership include:

  • PTSO members who are also approved volunteers receive first notification about school-related and PTSO-related volunteer opportunities*
  • PTSO newsletter
  • Quick updates and reminders via email
  • Opportunity to meet and build relationships with other SSDI families and teaches outside of the classroom
  • Opportunity to more comfortably discuss issues that might be on your mind

SS Dixon Intermediate is a Santa Rosa County District School

Link to SRCSD Volunteer Application 

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