Membership Levels Explained

The PTSO Board of Directors includes Board Officers and Board Members. Board Officers and Board Members are elected positions. Nominations and elections for board positions take place during the Spring of each year. All PTSO Board Members are also dues-paying PTSO Members.

PTSO Members are not elected. They are, in fact, benefactors who pay annual membership dues. PTSO Members are invited to participate in monthly member meetings where they are encouraged to speak and bring forward new ideas or concerns.

PTSO Members do not hold voting rights. PTSO Members receive benefits including access to monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, notification of volunteer opportunities, and more.

All students are automatically PTSO members.

Volunteers are exceptional people who are committed to making SSDI the best it can be. Volunteers do not need to be a PTSO Board Member or PTSO Member to volunteer their time and/or talent. Volunteers do not hold voting rights unless they are also PTSO Board Members or PTSO Members.

All volunteers must have an approved Volunteer Application for the current school year on file with the Santa Rosa County School District. Volunteer Applications are available on the School District’s website.

Download SRCSD Volunteer Application

*Please be sure to follow the instructions on the application. The SSDI PTSO is not responsible in any way for accepting, reviewing, or approving applications. This is just a courtesy link to get you where you need to go.

Guests are neither Board Members nor PTSO Members. They do not pay annual dues, do not hold voting rights, and cannot make motions, or vote. They do not have access to newsletters, meeting minutes, or other membership perks. The Board of Directors does not contact them with news, events, or volunteer opportunities. Guests are invited to observe monthly member meetings where they are welcome to present new ideas or concerns.

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