Alanah Moore

Grade/position 5th grade
Favorite drink(s) Vitamin water, hot tea
Favorite Candy Sour candy, nerd clusters (no chocolate )
Favorite Snack(s) Doritos, salt and vinegar chips
Favorite Fruit(s) Watermelon, berries
Favorite Color(s) Pink and light purple
Favorite Flower(s) All flowers!! Especially daisies and lilies
Favorite Fast Food Mcdonalds, Taco Bell
Favorite Restaurant Texas Roadhouse, Thai Rice, any Mexican restaurant
Favorite Place to


Hobbies Reading and hiking
Favorite bath and

body Scent(s)

Favorite School Supplies or Most

Needed supplies

Most needed: Copy paper and pencils Favorite: Papermate Inkjoy pens
Favorite gift card(s) Target
Favorite types of


Pastel colored décor, anything floral or smiley face print
Things you already

have enough of

Mugs 🙂