Bethany Holley

Grade/position 5th grade
Favorite drink(s) Lemonade/Coke/Dr. Pepper
Favorite Candy Anything Milk Chocolate
Favorite Snack(s) Chex Mix Sweet and Salty/Goldfish
Favorite Fruit(s) Strawberries/Apples/Grapes/Pineapple
Favorite Color(s) Neutrals
Favorite Flower(s) Any
Favorite Fast Food Chick Fil A/Scooters Coffee
Favorite Restaurant Texas Roadhouse/Cheddars
Favorite Place to Shop TJMAXX/Kohls/Marshalls/Hobby Lobby/Michaels
Hobbies Read
Favorite baht and body Scent(s) Vanilla or anything that smells like food
Favorite School Supplies or Most Needed supplies Binder Clips, Number 2 pencils, Black Expo Markers
Favorite gift card(s) Wild Honey, TJMAXX, Hobby Lobby
Favorite types of Décor Farmhouse/Boho
Things you already have enough of Construction paper, candles, coffee cups