Jennifer Clement

Grade/position 5th Teacher
Favorite drink(s) Coffee, Loaded Teas, Zero Cherry Dr. Pepper
Favorite Candy Zero Sugar Chocolate
Favorite Snack(s) Pecans, Pistachios, Coffee
Favorite Fruit(s) Strawberries
Favorite Color(s) Purple, Turquoise
Favorite Flower(s) All of them! I love plants and flowers! 
Favorite Fast Food Chik Fil A, McDonalds, Scooters
Favorite Restaurant Mugshots, Santino’s
Favorite Place to Shop Fleet Feet, Amazon, Walmart
Hobbies Running, Hiking, Beach Time
Favorite bath and body Scent(s) Bergamot, Water Scents, Spiced Apple
Favorite School Supplies or Most Needed Supplies Flair Pens, Tape, Any Crafting Supplies
Favorite gift card(s) Amazon, Walmart, Teacher Pay Teacher
Favorite types of Décor Coastal, Adventure, Bright happy colors
Things you already have enough of Coffee Mugs