Jessica Delange

Grade/position 5th Grade Teacher
Favorite drink(s) Coffee, Matcha Tea, Dr Pepper
Favorite Candy Chocolate covered almonds, Dove Chocolate, snickers
Favorite Snack(s) Cheez its, trail mix
Favorite Fruit(s) strawberries
Favorite Color(s) Green
Favorite Flower(s) Lilly
Favorite Fast Food Panda Express, Chick fil a
Favorite Restaurant Mugshots
Favorite Place to Shop Target, Amazon
Hobbies Crafts
Favorite baht and body Scent(s) Vanilla
Favorite School Supplies or Most Needed supplies Copy paper, brown construction paper, Expo markers, post it notes, pencils.
Favorite gift card(s) Amazon, TPT
Favorite types of Décor Plants, farmhouse
Things you already have enough of