Kristen Cunningham

Grade/Position 5th Teacher
Favorite Drink(s) Coke or Coffee
Favorite Candy Anything chocolate or gummy
Favorite Snack(s) Extra Toasty Cheezits, Salt & Vinegar chips
Favorite Fruit(s) grapes, cherries, any berry
Favorite Color(s) Pink
Favorite Flower(s) live ones 🙂
Favorite Fast Food Panera / Zaxby’s / Chic fil a
Favorite Restaurant Roadhouse
Favorite Place to


Amazon / Target
Hobbies reading, planting things
Favorite Bath & Body Scent(s) Clean / crisp smells. nothing floral
Favorite School

Supplies or Most Needed Supplies

Flair pens, Expo Markers
Favorite Gift Card(s) Any kind 🙂
Favorite Types of Décor Flamingos at school. Farmhouse at home
Things you already have enough of