Melani Martin

Grade/position 4th grade
Favorite drink(s) Starbucks bottled cold coffees
Favorite Candy Reeses, M&M’s, Heath Bars
Favorite Snack(s) Flavored Popcorn, Chili Cheese Corn Chips
Favorite Fruit(s) Grapes, Blueberries and Apples
Favorite Color(s) Navy, Hot Pink, and Red
Favorite Flower(s) Roses (Flowers are not my thing)
Favorite Fast Food Chick Fil A
Favorite Restaurant Texas Roadhouse, and La Ha
Favorite Place to Shop Amazon, TJ Maxx, and Wal-Mart
Hobbies Shopping/Watching Mysteries/Reading
Favorite bath and body Scent(s) Fruity/Sweet with Glitter in it 😊
Favorite School Supplies or Most Needed supplies Copy paper, laminating sheets, Colored Copy paper for Newsletters, Shneider Slider pens (assorted colors), Thick Papermate mechanical pencils, Expo cleaner for White Board, refillable tape for desk tape dispenser
Favorite gift card(s) Amazon
Favorite types of Décor Modern Contemporary (my house)and Farmhouse ( classroom)
Things you already have enough of Coffee cups, candles